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This superb biography of Saint Athanasius, one of Christendom's most revered and celebrated figures, is published here complete with relevant illustrations.

Frances Alice Forbes aims to give readers an informed perspective of Athanasius and his deeds. The society of Ancient Egypt in which he lived and developed his religious ethos, the hierarchy in which he ascended to prominence, and the political elements which played great influence in his life as a holy man receive their due consideration. 

The narrative Forbes constructs has at times the tone of a good story, vivid in telling the events. Although the circumstances described occurred long ago in Egypt, the dramatic and lively manner in which they are related brings the major figures of the church of the era to life. Throughout, Forbes keeps her narrative true to the established facts, and manages to strikes a respectful and observant tone given the religious subject matter. 

We hear of pivotal events, such as the activities of the Council of Nicea, and the exile of Athanasius from the city of Alexandria. The intense and violent opposition to his Christian faith is a constant threat, underlining the bravery and courage through which Athanasius defined his life. By the end of the text, the reader is aware of why Saint Athanasius remains a role model for Christians.

Religione e spiritualità
11 giugno
Pantianos Christian

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