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You want to discover the natural and cultural treasures of one of the most extraordinary Greek islands from an expert? This is the book for you!

You will see this is not just another Greek islands travel guide.

In this book you will discover, through a travel story and a large number of photos with concise historical and architectural explanations, the known and unknown treasures of one of the most famous and yet not really discovered islands of Greece.

Internationally known for its exceptional landscape, an outcome of its volcano, Santorini also boasts a wealth of cultural treasures, often eclipsed by the famous caldera and the sunset at Oia and remaining unknown to the wide public. This book covers this omission and presents to you all this cultural richness.

Among other things, you will discover

-some of the best-preserved fortified medieval settlements of the Aegean
-churches with an inexplicable exotic decoration
-picturesque chapels
-dwellings dug in the volcanic soil in remote villages remaining unspoiled by tourism
-one of the best-preserved prehistoric cities in the world, known as the Greek Pompeii
-the volcano considered as the origin of the legend of Atlantis

Although these treasures are presented to you through a hiking tour, even if you don't hike you can see them since you can also reach them by car.

The author of this book holds a Ph.D. in Architectural History from the National Technical University of Athens and a master's in heritage preservation from the Ecole de Chaillot of Paris. He is a professor at the University of the Peloponnese, where he teaches these subjects. He is also a fervent cultural hiker.

His travel books (mostly about Greece) are addressed to you, the reader with a special interest in cultural sites. In order to help you better understand and remember these sites, they are written as a guided tour. They include encounters with interesting people and other personal travel experiences which will help you organize your own trip beyond the tourist clichés.

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12 maggio
Denis Roubien

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