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This book was given birth in the spirit realm after many years of spiritual battle with satanists who cursed me and thought my destiny was over. The Holy Spirit prompted me to study the significance and meaning of colours and numbers in the Bible and how to use them in spiritual warfare. This book exposes the activities of colour therapy by satanists, marine agents, false prophets and prophetesses, who lead innocent souls to worship Satan through colours. On their altars, their priests wear red, black and white outfits to worship Satan. These are the spiritual colours of Satan. Recognize and discover the power of queen of heaven and queen of the coast and the destructive power that these principalities have on Christian churches today; these enemy of the cross have destroyed so many great destinies.

This book outlines how to discern spirits, how one hears from God, how to recognize the false teachings in religious churches, and how to pray and destroy their demonic influence on ones life.

Discover how satanists, false prophets and prophetess go into evil covenant relationships with church members and partners of their congregation. Through these evil covenants, evil soul ties are established by satanist, and these satanists are able to manipulate and control souls forever. This book will enable the reader to pray against all forms of evil covenants and evil soul ties and, with the prayers in this book, overcome Satan and his demons and proclaim, Satan has fallen under my feet forever.

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25 giugno
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