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Do you have trouble sleeping at night because you feel so lonely and yearn to find your soul mate? Are you stuck in a rut at your job, hoping that one day soon, your Knight In Shining Armor will come and rescue you out of it? Has dating become just a way to fill your time instead of a way to enjoy life and other people?

If any of that is true for you, then you are not enjoying your singlehood. In fact, if you are like many single people, you spend far too much time wallowing in misery, daydreaming about the your future life with someone you haven’t even met yet.

While this book does not promise to cure you of loneliness, envy, and longing, it DOES offer nine ideas that can alleviate the pain of an empty heart. These ideas invite you to delve into your creative self, to take a few risks, and generally to fill your free time with endeavors that will bring you fulfillment and/or future rewards. The ideas challenge you to challenge yourself, so that you can begin to transform your single life from miserable to marvelous.

While this book is targeted to single women without children, single men who do not have children can benefit from the ideas as well. Whatever your gender, these ideas will help you realize that there’s more to the single life than the dating game, or pining to meet your soul mate.

Salute, mente e corpo
28 marzo
Emily Josephine

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