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This eBook is as compendium of four eBooks in the Key Stage 3 maths eBook series, including:•Probability•Averages•Collecting and Representing Data•Cumulative DistributionsIt is part of our range of Key Stage 3 (KS3) maths eBooks that are fully aligned with the UK Governments national curriculum.Our Key Stage 3 (KS3) maths eBooks comprise three principle sections. These are, notably:•Number and Algebra•Geometry and Measures•Handling DataIn addition, there exists a Publications Guide.Our maths eBooks are produced such as that as well as a Publications Guide, and three principle publications corresponding to the principle sections (Number and Algebra, Geometry and Measures and Handling Data) there are individual modules produced within each principle section which are published as eBooks.Handling Data is a principle section our Key Stage 3 (KS3) publications. It is a compendium of four modules that comprise that principle section.Probability introduces the student to events with independent and mutually exclusive outcomes, exhaustive events, the relationship between the probability of outcome ‘A’ and the probability of outcome ‘not A’, experimentation, expected outcomes, expected numbers, sample space diagrams, tree diagrams, tables, the addition and multiplication laws and relative frequency.Averages introduces the students to discrete data and grouped discrete data and their mean, median, mode and range.Collecting and representing data introduces the student to how to go about designing data capture systems and how to represent data when it is obtained. We review collection methodologies, methods of representing data (including pie charts, frequency diagrams, line graphs and scatter graphs) and introduce correlation within data sets.Cumulative distributions introduces the student to the classic S-curve distribution, their median as well as their inter-quartile range.

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12 luglio
Dr John Kelliher

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