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Jaq, a bookish college student, was raised in a society of various religions with temples on every corner. She scoffs at all of them, focusing instead on her studies. But she's been having recurring nightmares about a little girl named Sierra, and when elements of those nightmares appear in reality, she seeks to understand why. Her world is shattered when she unknowingly fulfills an ancient prophecy from an underground religious group that follows what they claim to be the One True God, Deunai. As followers of the only religion that faces persecution, they expect her to lead them to a great warrior who will end their oppression.

The Observers, a secret religious society, fight to silence Jaq and discover the identity of the warrior. The followers of Deunai strive to keep Jaq hidden and safe, all the while looking to her for leadership. But Jaq isn’t entirely sure she’s ready to take on this new identity as someone of importance. She’s just an average college student; how could she possibly lead anyone?

*The "Pay What You Want" Quarantine Deal*

It's hard to know where to begin. Most of us have never faced anything like this, not on this scale, and it can be an odd mixture of scary, frustrating, uncertain, and boring as we all do our best to stay secluded and help defeat COVID-19.

In light of this (and the increased need for entertainment options it has presented), I am offering a new payment structure for my books during this time. All of my ebooks are now available at no up-front charge. That's right; you can now download any of my ebooks completely free.

After you have read the book, you then get to decide for yourself what that ebook was worth. Was the entertainment you experienced worth a dollar? Three? Five? More? Whatever you decide is what you get to pay.

For your convenience, there are two options for how to make this payment: through my website,, or through

So stay home, stay hydrated, wash your hands, and enjoy some time reading!

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23 gennaio
Cy Bishop

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