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After an unexpected kiss, a man finds himself with a dilemma…

Gregory Morris has a problem. He isn't gay but he's attracted to one of his best friends and has no clue what to do about it. Gregory decides the best way is just to kiss him and let nature takes it course. With that one kiss, Gregory finds himself wanting his friend even more. Now he just has to prove that he is serious.

Braden Charles notices his friend Gregory seems to be avoiding him and he has no clue what he's done. When Gregory finally says he wants to talk, Braden is relieved to find out what is wrong, that is until Gregory kisses him. After the kiss the idea that his friend wants him when he is not gay bothers Braden. He's not going to be drawn in by a man who is only gay for him—it is myth and will only lead to heartbreak.

Gregory's next action is something Braden never expected and he has to face the fact that Gregory is serious. Braden has a man who he can see in his life forever but does Gregory think it's an experiment. Attraction builds in a slow burn that will last forever.

This is a rerelease. This book is best read in order as part of the series.

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12 novembre
Simply Sophisticated Publishing

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