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Introducing Sharon Cox's STEAMY Erotic Motorcycle Club thriller: Sons of Sin!

Lucy is in deep.

After meeting Ace Walker, the allusive President of San Antonio's most notorious Motorcycle Club, The Sons of Sin, she finds herself instantly captivated by him. Ace is everything Lucy has ever craved in a man. Tough, dangerous, and just a tad bit domineering. He's also ruggedly handsome, with piercing brown eyes that make Lucy feel weak in the knees. In essence, Ace is the archetype of the "bad boys" her mother had always warned her about. And Ace's intentions are hardly innocent.

He's out for blood.

Revenge. And Lucy's recently deceased father, one of the most loved bike mechanics in town, seems to be the one who has wronged him. Will Lucy be the one to pay for her fathers sins or do Ace and his brothers have their sights set on something much greater with the innocent nineteen year old?

Even more importantly...will Lucy be able to ride with the big boys or will she break under pressure?

And what about Ace's sexy and allusive Vice President, Richie Morgan? Does he have taboo intentions of his own with innocent little Lucy?

Read to find out how it all unfolds Sharon Cox's hot new erotic series!

Here's a taste:

I drew in a sharp breath, feeling his hand slipping under the band of my dress, his grip heavy on my thigh. I didn’t know what was happening. One minute he was the tough alpha male, urging me to tell him what was on my mind and intent on proving that he cared about me, and the next he was melting like butter under my touch, his erection so solid I could feel it pulsating through his pants. Then…he was kissing me, hard, ferociously, hungrily. Before I realized what I was doing, I had made the mistake of kissing him back. Realizing this, I pushed him off of me. A look of slight bewilderment and determination crossed his face, and I knew he wouldn’t give up without getting what he wanted. I wanted him too, badly, but I wasn’t about to say it. If Richie wanted me, he’d have to earn it, fair and square. This certainly was not the first time he had tried something like this. But...it was the first time I didn't promptly stop him.
I braced myself, seeing how far he'd test the limits as his hand inches farther and farther up my dress. I felt myself parting my legs. Giving into him.
What was wrong with me? I thought.
If Ace were to ever find out about this, he'd never forgive us.
Richie seemed to read my mind, his breath warm against the cusp of my neck. He was getting closer to me now, practically straddling the divider between us.
"He'll never find out..." He whispered, grabbing my tiny hand and placing it flush against his throbbing cock, which throbbed under his tattered, gasoline stained jeans.
I was absolutely electrified.
"How can you say that?" I finally managed to choke out, pulling my hand away.
The number one rule of the Sons of Sin? You never betray your brothers.

Warning: This erotic book is extremely HOT and guaranteed to have you glued to the seat of your bike! Reader discretion is strongly advised.

Narrativa e letteratura
February 17
Lisa Lorraine

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