SPA WORLD by Simone Micheli

Publisher Description

The wellness centres of the present-future have and will have to offer to its visitors the vision of authentic spaces inspired by the recovery of deep values. Therefore they will be the concrete expression of the widespread need of designing and modelling spaces, conceiving them as works of art; unique, excellent, marvellous places able to generate “other” and emotional tales to tell to the heart of visitors. Inside them there are not dissonances: are the global assonance of  the project and the smart managing of its peculiarities that create a coherent universe made by intimate connections. Harmony weaves a deep tale linked with the human spirits and that is the contemporary key to achieve the commercial success of a wellness centre. These are the basic principles to give birth to a wellness centre conceived as work of art and it will be properly complete only when between the designer and the client the good melody is created, a kind of total fusion of aims. To live an experience linked to the work of art’s dimension means to feel in a absurd and unconventional place built by the decomposition of stereotypes and their new composition in set of sign and content belonging to the present future, These sets are created by a deep, fascinating, penetrating voice, never listened, seen, lived before: an “other” voice. The spa conceived as a work of art is a space that, thank to its own peculiarities, thank to its unique truths of content and expression, is able to transform the lived experiences in active memory and therefore in a great communicative exchange. 

Simone Micheli Architect

    Arts & Entertainment
    15 May
    Simone Micheli Architectural Hero

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