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Hop on your bike. Catch a speeding train. Glide in a plane. See the world from a hot air balloon. Lift off in a rocket. Tour the galaxy in a UFO. No matter how you decide to travel, learning another language has never been this fun.

“Transportation” is a highly interactive educational experience that teaches aspiring readers basic vocabulary in both English and Spanish. Simply touch a vehicle (or it’s large font spelling) to hear it read aloud in either language. Our professional educators, each of whom have extensive translation and tutoring experience, provide clear and deliberate narration that makes it easy to follow along at your own pace. 

Learning a new language truly becomes an adventure thanks to rich artwork that will draw you in and keep you smiling. Each page displays an imaginative animation sequence that makes every page exciting. Touching any of the 40 gorgeous images, illustrated exclusively for this Chungaboo collection, will encourage your imagination to run wild.

In addition to this offering, the “Transportation” series includes comparable editions for each of the 7 most commonly spoken languages in the United States. Chungaboo plans to further expand this collection and we welcome your feedback regarding additional language requests. 

Find us on Facebook to request a language and view our entire collection, including our sister “Words”, “Numbers”, and “Animals” series that are also offered in multiple languages and our “ABC Animals” series that features hundreds of high resolution wildlife photographs.

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March 30

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