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Sketching His Character (Historical): Elizabeth Bennet can see into the future with a crystal ball. It is a blessing, or is it not?

After she meets Mr. Darcy, she starts to see infamous visions of him coupling with some women. When the “women” turn out to be Lizzy herself, she has the shock of her life. Has she become his mistress or is Mr. Darcy a rake imposing on her?

Mr. Darcy doesn’t want to be attracted to this country mouse but Elizabeth Bennet is tempting him every moment of their time together. When he is blackmailed with scandalous sketches of him with a woman who looks look Elizabeth, he is furious. Is Elizabeth working with another man to milk money from him?

Darcy's Theta Magic (Futuristic): Mr. Darcy has no need for love, but he does needs a wife, fast, since only his quest for Theta magic can save his sister. But who could be courageous and tough enough to endure what he needs to demand from his new wife?  
Elizabeth Bennet is determined to brave the ugly beast in order to save her fragile sister. But she doesn't expect the only reason for the match is to create a daughter to help Mr. Darcy with his quest. What if she bears a son instead? Will they succeed in the quest?  

The two Pride and Prejudice-Inspired stories have previously been published under the titles of "Clairvoyeur" and "In Quest of Theta Magic". They have been revised to a small degree. If you have bought the two books before, there is no need to buy this box set.

Warning: the stories contain explicit adult content, fortune telling and strange muscles.

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21 dicembre
Enid Wilson

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