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Born an orphan, raised as a warrior princess, desired by men. Can an Immortal claim her heart?

The first adopted daughter of Stella and Darius, Diana has been raised as if she were one of the fabled Amazon princesses. Mornings are spent with Darius at the agōgē, her skills as a warrior matched by only a few. In the afternoons, she learns about diplomacy and service to others from Stella. 

Never does Diana wonder why her parents are so devoted to one another, or why they seem to speak of the distant past as if they lived it.

The curious stares aimed in her direction by the agōgē’s doctor, Antony—even when she’s not in the circle of battle—has Diana on edge. Learning she has a much older adopted brother—one who seems to youthen as he ages—has her questioning her origins.

So the arrival of Augustus of Assyria seems fortuitous. Her father’s oldest friend is welcomed with open arms even as he is followed by a threat to the future of Deminon. With his intimate knowledge of her parents, perhaps he’ll have the answers Diana seeks. Or will the Roman senator’s revelation about her only complicate matters? For his attentions are far more intense than those of Antony—and far more arousing.

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23 marzo
Twisted Teacup Publishing

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