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Logan Callahan fleeced people for a living. He’d been part of an organization of grifters, led by Nell Dubrowski, who stripped marks of everything they owned, leaving them bare and bleeding. But Logan broke free of his past and his addictions. Now, in the profession of forensic accounting, he helps people ferret out exactly the type of con on which Nell Dubrowski fed, yet not colliding with his old demons. Until a call from an investigator dredges up his dark, secret past.

Kate Malone is everything Nell is not. Young, sensual, and...honest. Kate’s father is the latest mark for Nell, and Logan wants nothing more than to help bring down the woman who represents everything he loathes. Forty-eight hours in a hotel room’s king-size bed with nothing between him and the sensual, adventurous Kate but hot flesh and searing kisses has him vowing to protect her from Nell and her kind. But Logan has never looked good in silver, and he isn’t exactly cut out to play white knight. And revealing his past to Kate might destroy the deepening connection he feels with the woman he hopes will be his future.

Too many secrets can destroy any relationship, but when Logan finds himself stripped bare and on the wrong end of a loaded gun, he knows that death would be far preferable than to live a life without Kate Malone...

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31 maggio
Dream Romantic Unlimited LLC

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