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In his bestselling book, AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order, world-renowned expert on AI and China Kai-Fu Lee presents a broad look at the current state of AI, China's dramatic progress in the last 5 years, and the massive social disruption that will occur as AI replaces half the jobs in the world.

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Synopsis of the original book
A history of the development of AI
An insider look at China's culture of innovation
The dangers AI poses to humanity as a whole
Specific careers most likely to be affected by AI
Potential solutions to the massive unemployment caused by AI
In-depth Editorial Review
Background on Kai-Fu Lee

About the Original Book:As AI is poised to bring about the most massive social disruption humanity has ever seen, Kai-Fu Lee takes a detailed approach to discuss the current state of the technology and the world, who is most poised to benefit from it, and who is most likely to lose out when AI takes over. Ultimately, however, Lee's book is a call for compassion--to see AI as a tool to help benefit humanity as a whole rather than a dystopian future rife with economic inequality and global unrest. No matter who you are, Lee will help you better understand the future of AI we can expect to see in just 15 years.

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