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More than 100 all-new, Tabata-style high intensity interval training workouts (HIIT) for all fitness levels.

A long-time favorite of athletes looking to reach their peak and stay competitive, high intensity interval training (HIIT) helps you achieve new levels of physical fitness—all in just a few minutes a day.

Tabata Workout Handbook Volume 2 includes:

• Over 100 all-new Tabata workouts
• Barbell, dumbbell and body weight Tabatas
• Sports-specific Tabatas including tennis and golf
• Aquatic Tabatas for the pool
• Strength-building Tabata programs for power
• Fat-burning Tabatas for weight loss
• Easy-to-understand exercise descriptions

Tabata lets you push your body to its physical limits—getting the results you want while avoiding stress-based injuries and unwanted setbacks. Requiring little to no equipment, Tabata is as affordable as it is effective. Tabata Workout Handbook Volume 2 features all-new workouts, with programs perfect for beginners and experts alike.

   • NO GYM REQUIRED. With little to no equipment investment, tabata represents one of the most affordable, effective workout regimens on the market today.

   • ACCESSIBLE TO ALL FITNESS LEVELS. With customized and customizable workouts perfect for anyone from beginners to experts, Tabata Workout Handbook, Vol. 2 allows athletes to jump right in at their personal fitness level, making the workouts quick and easy to include in your existing routines.

   • ONLINE SUPPORT THROUGH GETFITNOW PLATFORM. Comprehensive online support via social media, community forums, and website featuring additional content such as exclusive exercise videos, nutritional tips, live updates from authors, and more.

   • REACH YOUR ABSOLUTE PHYSICAL PEAK. Designed to help athletes maximize their results in the most effective, efficient way possible, Tabata Workout Handbook, Vol. 2 lets athletes break through personal barriers and set new standards of fitness for themselves.

Whether you’re looking to intensify an existing workout, increase your fitness results, or overcome your personal fitness plateau and reach new heights, Tabata Workout Handbook Volume 2 shows you how!

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