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Tales from the Arabic - Volume I

John Payne, American clergyman and author (1811-1893)

This ebook presents «Tales from the Arabic - Volume I», from John Payne. A dynamic table of contents enables to jump directly to the chapter selected.

Table of Contents

- About This Book

- Asleep And Awake

- The Khalif Omar Ben Abdulaziz And The Poets

- El Hejjaj And The Three Young Men

- Haroun Er Reshid And The Woman Of The Barmecides

- The Ten Viziers; Or The History Of King Azadbekht And His Son

- The First Day

- Of The Uselessness Of Endeavour Against Persistent Ill Fortune

- The Second Day

- Of Looking To The Issues Of Affairs

- Story Of The Merchant And His Sons

- The Third Day

- Of The Advantages Of Patience

- Story Of Abou Sabir

- The Fourth Day

- Of The Ill Effects Of Precipitation

- Story Of Prince Bihzad

- The Fifth Day

- Of The Issues Of Good And Evil Actions

- Story Of King Dadbin And His Viziers

- The Sixth Day

- Of Trust In God

- Story Of King Bekhtzeman

- The Seventh Day

- Of Clemency

- Story Of King Bihkerd

- The Eighth Day

- Of Envy And Malice

- Story Of Ilan Shah And Abou Temam

- The Ninth Day

- Of Destiny Or That Which Is Written On The Forehead

- Story Of King Ibrahim And His Son

- The Tenth Day

- Of The Appointed Term,[128] Which, If It Be Advanced, May Not Be Deferred And If It Be Deferred, May Not Be Advanced

- Story Of King Suleiman Shah And His Sons

- The Eleventh Day

- Of The Speedy Relief Of God

- Story Of The Prisoner And How God Gave Him Relief

- Jaafer Ben Yehya And Abdulmeilik Ben Salih The Abbaside

- Er Reshid And The Barmecides

- Ibn Es Semmak And Er Reshid

- El Mamoun And Zubeideh

- En Numan And The Arab Of The Benou Tai

- Firouz And His Wife

- King Shah Bekht And His Vizier Er Rehwan

- Story Of The Man Of Khorassan, His Son And His Governor

- Story Of The Singer And The Druggist

- Story Of The King Who Knew The Quintessence Of Things

- Story Of The Rich Man Who Gave His Fair Daughter In Marriage To The Poor Old Man

- Story Of The Rich Man And His Wasteful Son

- The King's Son Who Fell In Love With The Picture

- Story Of The Fuller And His Wife

- Story Of The Old Woman, The Merchant And The King

- Story Of The Credulous Husband

- Story Of The Unjust King And The Tither

- Story Of David And Solomon

- Story Of The Thief And The Woman

- Story Of The Three Men And Our Lord Jesus

- The Disciple's Story

- Story Of The Dethroned King Whose Kingdom And Good Were Restored To Him

- Story Of The Man Whose Caution Was The Cause Of His Death

- Story Of The Man Who Was Lavish Of His House And His Victual To One Whom He Knew Not

- Story Of The Idiot And The Sharper

- Story Of Khelbes And His Wife And The Learned Man

- Footnotes

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