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Do you feel like you're always behind the 8 ball? Do you get to the end of your day but feel like you accomplished nothing? Do you have a tendency to put things off until the last minute?

We all tend to delay things from time to time, and some days, we're just swamped with work when there's so many things to be done. Even the most organized people will struggle with time management at one point or another. 

Dominic Wolff addresses these problems and more in his latest book, "Tame Your Gmail in 5 Easy Steps with David Allen's GTD." This book will show you how to manage your time better and actually get things done!

Wolff, an author and advocate of productivity tools, has written several books about using the famous Getting Things Done (the time management system developed by David Allen) in combination with different software applications - first with Evernote, and now Google's Gmail, Tasks, Calendar, and Drive. Yes, the power of GTD and all these Google services are combined in a single book.

Let's say you have a thousand things going on at work. You can simplify this by putting incoming/pending tasks into different inboxes. Doing so will allow you to execute all work as bite-size chunks and you'll know exactly what to do anywhere, anytime. That's basically what Getting Things Done is.

"Tame Your Gmail in 5 Easy Steps with David Allen's GTD" applies GTD's principles and shows you how to use Gmail, Google Tasks, Google Calendar, and Google Drive the GTD way so that: 

Your emails will be organized into a clear-cut system

Your appointments will be organized so that you'll never miss any event

You'll remember anything and everything

You can see what needs to be done wherever you are, whether you're on your computer or are out and about

You can get more things done

The best part is that you can achieve the GTD mindset with Google's services in just five simple steps!

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