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The Burning Room: by Michael Connelly | Summary & Analysis

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Detective Harry Bosch and his new partner detective Lucia Soto are tasked to investigate a recent murder, with a trigger that was pulled nine years earlier. Quite a unique case as not many murder victims pass away almost 10 years after the crime was conducted; Bosch faced the complication of having the body still fresh with other evidence being virtually nonexistent. Turned out to be a highly charged and politically sensitive murder, Bosch must gather leads from old information. Further, he must reveal that the shooting was anything but random. 

With an addition of Bosch’s twenty-eight year old rookie partner, the book The Burning Room provides an interplay that is amusing and informative. Fast moving and fully engrossed with police procedures, the readers will be engaged with the story plot, which involves politics, corruptions, vengeance, greed, and lust. Each and every scene is painted in beautiful pictures, where readers will get into it with visual ease. Featured with a slam-bang ending, The Burning Room is thrilling and exciting. 

Written by Michael Connelly, a former newspaper reporter turned a bestselling author, The Burning Room proves that both Bosch and Connelly still have their touch. Being one of the most popular characters in American crime fiction, Bosch new adventure with his new partner is as fresh and original as ever. A great book and highly recommended. 

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