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The Clifford Simak Collection 4 Books set 3: 

- Book 1: A Choice of Gods.

One day most of humankind disappeared. A few human beings were left on the deserted earth along with countless robots. The human beings--including a small tribe of American Indians--made do. The Indians returned to ancient tribal ways, the others stubbornly tried to rebuild technology. The robots--some stayed with the humans performing their service functions, some went off to create a religiously-based society of their own.

Millennia later, a star-traveler returns from the center of the universe. The people of earth had been found and were planning to return. But something else had been found, too--the central intelligence of the universe!

- Book 2: City.

Simak's "City" is a series of connected stories, a series of legends, myths, and campfire stories told by Dogs about the end of human civilization, centering on the Webster family, who, among their other accomplishments, designed the ships that took Men to the stars and gave Dogs the gift of speech and robots to be their hands.

- Book 3: A Heritage of Stars.

Thousands of years in the future, Thomas Cushing is haunted by the history of his ancestors. His quest is to regain humanity's lost heritage, and he sets out to find the fabled Place of Going to the Stars, from which ancient technological man left earth to travel among the alien civilisations of the galaxy. As he travels he gathers about him a selection of weird and wonderful beings - a group of stalking shadows; Meg, the hilltop witch and a shivering ghostlike snake. Along with Rollo, the last surviving robot, Cushing and his companions embark on an exciting and wonder-filled adventure of the far future.

- Book 4: All Flesh Is Grass.

A mysterious invisible barrier suddenly encloses a small, out-of-the-way American town. It's been put there by a galactic intelligence intent on imposing harmony and cooperation on the different peoples of the universe. But to the inhabitants, the barrier evokes stark terror.

Fantascienza e fantasy
24 maggio
Hackett Publishing Company

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