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From a Sandwich Massage in Thailand, to the No-Underwear massages of Vietnam and Thailand, to the Russian Tantric and Nude Finnish massages in New York City, this book will give you hours of reading pleasure, laugh-out-loud moments, and information. Given that a single massage in New York City costs around seventy dollars and up, this book is a bargain, giving you the distilled experience and wisdom of a writer who has experienced four thousand massages in twenty countries.

In it, the author answers such questions as: What if you're having a therapeutic massage in America and your guitar gently weeps? How do you, as a massage therapist or a client, deal with pocketeless pocket rockets? How is it possible that a good massage therapist may not just add years to your life, but also save it? Why is it that the author dedicated a book to the world's best massage-givers, wishing them the Nobel Prize for Peace? What is or should be your attitude to happy endings?

Besides the entire text of his two major books, "The Uncensored Massage: Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and China," and "The Uncensored Massage: From Massage to Sex America and Elsewhere," and his short book, "Lingam Massage: A Safe Sex, Antiwar, and Economic Recovery Tool," this special edition contains two additional chapters: "Al Gore and the Dilemma of the Ideal Western Male" and "A Wish List for Better Massages." In parts, this book can be reread for the sheer pleasure of its humor and language (occasionally racy), and is an ideal gift to an open-minded person. Non-pc but disarmingly honest, this book will make you laugh as much as understand and have compassion (and perhaps love) for both those who give massage and those who receive it.

Salute, mente e corpo
25 marzo
P.C. Anders

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