The Crucible The Crucible

The Crucible

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What if heaven could be entered with a key, and the only one who can keep Satan's Fallen Angels from seizing it and taking over heaven and earth is an undersized girl prone to panic attacks? Caught in the middle of a deadly clash between warring Fallen Angels, college freshman Ariel Robinson should be curled in a fetal position popping Xanax. But she's not.So what if no one but Ariel can hold the key? Or that the key controls the fate of the world? Or that the Fallen Angels won't stop until they nab Ariel and wrest it from her? She's got the protection of her super-hot boyfriend, Michael, with his own army of Good Guys who can match anything the Fallen Angels throw at them. Soon, the Good Guys will figure out how to handle the key, and Ariel can hand it over to them and concentrate on normal freshman college worries. Everything is under control.Or is it? In The Crucible, Book 2 of the Siren Song Trilogy, nothing is as it seems. Just when Ariel thinks she can rely on the Good Guys' protection, old secrets flip her world upside down, pushing her friends and family directly into the Fallen Angels' crosshairs and obliterating the protection she thought she had. It's now all up to her. Can she keep the key out of the Fallen Angels' hands and not die trying?Kirkus Indie Reviews about Siren Song, Book 1 of the Siren Song Trilogy: "An intriguing premise navigated by an affable heroine. The book's fast-paced action is easy to follow while still being suspenseful…[S]olid twists and turns make for a quick, enjoyable read that promises to grow deeper in the next chapters."

Fantascienza e fantasy
25 gennaio
Flights of Fancy Publishing House, LLC

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