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-The Dragon's Breath-

'The Dragon's Breath'— what could sound more oriental than that? The Dragon's Breath is the name of a Restaurant in the Cabramatta suburb of Sydney, N.S.W. managed and owned by the proprietor, Ling Duig who by all appearances is a wealthy, well respected gentleman of Asian nationalization. However beneath this mantle of respectability there is another side to this oriental man's hitherto unheard of past. Duig was at one time during the war torn shores of Vietnam, was a ruthless killer who by his own guile and cunning, escapes war-torn Vietnam to Australia on an old fishing trawler with other refugees. This is a frightening story of ruthlessness and personified treachery under incredulous circumstances in Sydney, Australia coupled by the shooting-murder of two Sydney Detectives. The mistrust of Police by former refugees makes anybody wearing a Police Uniform, come under suspicion as to their credibility unfortunately inherited by Vietnam Refugees, from war-torn Vietnam. It makes the job extremely difficult for the Sydney Police to come up with reasonable solutions and lack of information to assist them in the horrendous and blatant drug problem that infiltrates Cabramatta. A new Secret Drug Fighting Organization is set to combat the escalating problem beneath the hand of Wendell Wilson a well known competent and trusted Detective Senior Sergeant of Police. Obtaining the cooperation of the Vietnam Society to Wendell Wilson was like banging your head against a brick wall. It was just null and void with everyone jumping at their own shadows and afraid. Enter into the scene, Nancy Elizabeth Quade, the daughter of a State Politician wherein the story escalates into a fast moving tale involving drug trafficking on a huge scale. It is also a story of dedicated love in more ways than one, with many characters involved

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12 agosto
John Meskell

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