The Erotic Bodhisattva

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As she lay on her back, a very naked Sarah stared at the cracks in the high, white ceiling that loomed over the king bed. Paul was on his usual a rant about sexuality and religion, what she had come to call the Sexual Gospel According to Paul. She remained quiet and wasn’t about to seriously argue with her tantra master, frankly the sex was with Paul was too good to get bogged down in his politics!

No, it didn’t matter, Paul owned the attractive young college girl. Handsome and witty, he had her hooked big time with his lavish lifestyle on Marthas Vineyard. As a lover he knew how to please her and she could now be easily persuaded into partaking in any number of sexual adventures that came to his jaded mind. In two short weeks after becoming a nude model she had become his willing sex slave.

“Never underestimate the ability of people to delude themselves, and woe be unto those who make them aware of their delusions. That’s why I have my patent pending ‘Paul Bergeron Misogyny Litmus Test’ for all religions: If a religion holds women as having an inferior clergy role to men, then I feel free to immediately discredit and ignore any teachings of said religion,” Paul said. “God has no preference among vaginas or penises.”

“You’re not much for small talk, are you?” Sarah said when she really meant, Fool, stop messing with my brain and pay attention to me. Can’t you see I’m all in?

So begins The Erotic Bodhisattva as a strange, mystical nun watches the sexual misadventures of a young Sarah from her Tibetan mountain refuge. The nun is an outcast from her monastic order and with her lover she is in hiding from the Communist Chinese authorities. Through her unique meditations she follows the lives and loves of two, very different, sensuous young women. One is an American college student named Sarah, the other is a Buddhist woman warrior in Medieval India and before either can obtain their spiritual awakening they must acknowledge their own burgeoning sexuality.

Separated by time and very different cultures, the two women will respectively meet their Tantra sexual masters. The young college woman becomes involved with a seductive, controlling older man whereas a thousand year earlier her spiritual warrior counterpart meets a Tantra guru with very twisted desires and designs for her. One will slowly lose herself in the modern world of adult entertainment as the other is coerced into becoming a sexual priestess servicing the rich and powerful men of her time. Both women will fully experience desire and begin a series of tumultuous sexual adventures that will challenge the very core of their existence.

To assist the women in their spiritual quest the Tibetan Nun must discover the bonds that tie the two women together before her own arrest and imprisonment by the Chinese authorities. The Erotic Bodhisattva is a riveting sexual adventure for the discerning reader who wants a little more from their erotic adventures. This is book one in a series of sexual adventures for Sarah and the rani.

Warning: Vivid descriptions of adult sexual relationships—some loving, some very dark, drug use, adult language and violence including some very irreverent humor. Flores Girl Fans are warned that while this is the prequel to the Flores Girl Adventures this is an erotic novel with explicit sexual subject matter.

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14 gennaio
E. J. Bertel

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