The Essential Criteria of Dispensational Theology for the Professional and Layperson

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Few Bible study topics cause as much confusion, consternation or controversy as the study of Dispensational Theology. Because of this struggle, the study of Dispensational Theology is often, avoided. And if it is studied, it is only given token attention thereby forfeiting a grand opportunity to understand and celebrate the gracious, continuing work of God among His People Israel.

Occasionally, a Bible student will answer the Lord’s call to document the results of a study of this important topic. Discovering, understanding, organizing, and communicating the gleanings of their study, these students offer a unique opportunity to grow in our appreciation of God’s revelation of this important doctrine.

Ted Pestor is one of these students. After spending years of studying and teaching the important aspect of Dispensational Theology as a pastor/teacher, Ted offers us an opportunity to grasp the fundamental elements of this important doctrine.

His systematic, comprehensive, and persuasive teaching in this volume provides us an opportunity to grow in our own understanding of this Bible doctrine and to prepare us to help others learn as well.

Choosing to read and study this book will reward a learner with an unusual blessing as they dig deeper into the Bible doctrine of Dispensational Theology.

Charles Gaston M Div.

In a day of theological ambivalence, it is refreshing to read Ted Pestor’s theological treatise,

The Essential Criteria of Dispensational Theology for the Professional and Layperson, which while bringing a renewed understanding to the historical/grammatical interpretation of the Bible, emphasizes God’s great unfolding drama of redemption as developed through the various dispensations.  Especially of interest are his thoughts on the threefold rejection of the Godhead by the nation of Israel (rejection of the Father in the Old Testament Kingdom, rejection of the Son at the Cross, and the rejection of the Holy Spirit at Stephen’s stoning). Any true student of eschatology ought to give serious consideration to the details reviewed in The Essential Criteria of Dispensational Theology for the Professional and Layperson.

Rick Bloom MRE.

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