The Feminine Protocol The Feminine Protocol

The Feminine Protocol

How to Turn Your Why’S? into Wisdom

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Be ready to be shocked. For what you thought was the story of you is the exact opposite. This book is for anyone that is feeling that something about them isn’t right. That the true version of themselves they cannot explain, but what they emit in behaviour is not what they want to truly convey, they just don’t know what’s wrong. We live a lie because the truth isn’t known. We have all been hoodwinked into an existence that expects us to give away our will freely to those with a stronger mind, whether that is because their religion dictates it, or it has become the story of them. I will tell you how to transform your life of sorrow and torment by explaining a truth that you would never have found. Knowledge is indeed a powerful tool. How to use it wisely is an even greater advantage. Turning your why’s into wisdom is the greatest testament to our feminine heritage. Many have died before the answer was made known to them. You have a chance of understanding a truth and changing your destiny. This book explains the reasoning why our spiritual self cannot connect to our senses the way it is meant to. Life is simple, those that have the power have made it complicated for intentions that suit their own purpose.

Salute, mente e corpo
26 gennaio
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