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The Fire Planets Saga - the epic space opera science fiction adventure from Chris Ward, author of the Tube Riders series.
Books 1-3 - Fire Fight / Fire Storm / Fire Rage collected together for the first time.


In a far corner of the galaxy, the seven systems of the Fire Quarter face a terrible threat from a dangerous warlord.

On the fire planet of Abalon 3, evil Raylan Climlee threatens to unleash a wave of destruction in order to take control of the planet's valuable source of trioxyglobin, a dangerous but valuable liquid used for starship fuel. The only person who can stop him is Lianetta Jansen, a disgraced former Galactic Military Policewoman now turned smuggler, who is haunted by a terrible tragedy in her past. Along with her ragtag, wisecracking crew—the one-armed pilot Caladan, and the malfunctioning droid, Harlan5—Lia must confront her own demons, while trying to stop another.


Intergalactic war is coming ...

On the run from deadly mercenaries in the outer reachers of Trill System, Lianetta Jansen and her ragtag crew come across a distress signal from a stricken freighter. On investigation, they are drawn into a trap that will send them spiraling across the galaxy, battling with slave traders and facing off against immense invasion fleets, as they attempt to protect both their own lives and those of millions of innocent people.


The mighty Trill System has fallen to the Barelaon horde.

Lianetta Jansen and her ragtag crew flee the deadly Raylan Climlee, now calling himself Overload of Trill System. After a smuggling mission goes wrong, however, Lia and Caladan find themselves on board a prison ship heading for a remote asteroid. There they meet an incarcerated journalist from the secretive Cask System, who might hold the key to their escape.

On the remote fire planet of Ergogate, Harlan5 is left in charge of the Matilda. When the ship is hijacked by three young freedom fighters, the droid is roped into a mission which will bring him face to face with some of the deadliest creatures in the galaxy.

Giant creatures, outlawed tech. And a heartbreaking choice Lia must make if she is to give the Estron Quadrant a chance of survival.

Fantascienza e fantasy
1 luglio
AMMFA Publishing

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