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Tyla Gabriel, in The Gospel of Sophia: A Modern Path of Initiation, presents a comprehensive view of ancient mystery religions and their association with personal revelation, what she calls “an uncovering of the soul.” The similarities of revelation or apocalypse are found in the process of initiation used in classical mystery centers. A study of the lives of the Biblical prophets Daniel and Ezekiel highlights the same path of initiation that produces similar experiences with spiritual beings that use familiar lights, sounds, and symbols that are the same and are used again by St. John the Divine in the Book of Revelation. Each stage of initiation is accompanied by certain trials that produce the spiritual path of advancement for a prophet. The steps to the higher heavens are the familiar signposts found along the way to direct communication with the divine. Each reader is instructed on how to find these steps of initiation in their own person development.

To reach the spiritual world, there are numerous “mechanisms” that can aid in the process and these are described as soul capacities, fields of force, energy generators, esoteric anatomy, toroidal fields of plasmic energy, stages of initiation, brain development, and brain waves. Each mechanism of the spirit can be a vehicle for the development of consciousness.

A rare view of the spiritual mechanisms of ascension is given through a thorough study of the earthly and cosmic nutrition streams. These ideas are linked with cutting-edge science that reveal the path of spirit manifestation and human transformation. Spiritual tools are presented that are derived from the secret Vajra and tantric practices of Tibetan Buddhism, especially the highest tantric practices of Vajrayogini.

A presentation of the historical mystery wisdom to instruction on the spiritual mechanism of ascension, Gabriel gives us an unparalleled panoramic view of the processes of reading the spiritual world and communicating with spiritual beings. Those ideas are not theoretical speculation but are living, active reciprocation with the divine. Revelation becomes the business of the spiritual aspirant who learns to offer earthly nutrition to the gods in urn for the cosmic nutrition the offer the sincere aspirant. Through this wisdom, the aspirant is prepared for full initiation because the aspirant now knows the process and the tools necessary for the spiritual ascension back to our homes in the spiritual world.

Religione e spiritualità
29 gennaio
Tyla Gabriel

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