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BOOK 6 OF 9 IN THE KAINNAN SERIES. An epic Christian urban fantasy series, set between two worlds.


When her twin Aidan goes missing, Milla is convinced he has fled into the turbulent world of Kainnan; a place their parents once visited but have long kept hidden from them. With four companions, she secretly crosses into Kainnan to find the kingdom in chaos. Lust and gluttony, fear and violence, drugs and deception - freeing Aidan from Carcel Prison is just the beginning.

A fortuitous encounter allies them with the Archan Underground; the organization fighting to de-throne the destructive rulers of Kainnan. Yet even with such backing, the forces arrayed against them are vast: the terrible King Viggo and his cruel warden Bane, who control the prison with total ruthlessness; Jonas, leader of the Resistance, who has his own personal interest in the group from Earth; and an ally who unexpectedly betrays them at the last moment.

In a world torn four ways by four divided rulers, danger, desire and daring collide as loyalties are challenged, hearts broken, plots uncovered and fears faced in a kingdom on the very brink of ruin.


Praise for the Kainnan series…

"Like Narnia with guns! And more romance…A parallel world controlled by cruel rulers, and in their defeat, you learn life-changing truths to help you cope in the real world too." Junita.

"Full of unexpected twists and deeper meanings, Kainnan will take you on a wild adventure while communicating incredibly valuable lessons about mental health and emotional wellbeing. The plots are truly unique; unlike any series I have ever come across." Olivia.

"Takes you from edge-of-your-seat action to the depths of the characters' minds. And I absolutely loved how Belinda portrayed God. Since reading the Kainnan series, I have viewed God in a completely different, positive way." Amber.

"I loved the element of surprise in the Kainnan series, the cliff hangers, amazing plots and unexpected twists." Ethan.

 "Adventurous, terrifying and riveting. They brought tears to my eyes, made me laugh and gave me great insight into human emotion." Lydia. 

"Like an action movie captured in print – fast-paced, exciting, full of twists, unpredictable – but with fantastic character development, romance and fantasy too. If you liked Suzanne Collins The Hunger Games, or Ted Dekker's novels, this will be right up your alley." Natasha.

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8 febbraio
Belinda Stott

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