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This book contains 250 accounts of good deeds, including this one: On 12 October 2013, Australian bride Branka Delic married fiancé Gonzalo “Gonzo” Cladera at the Graceland Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada. She wanted to have a special man walk her down the aisle, and that special man was her idol: rock star Jon Bon Jovi. She knew that he would be performing at the MGM Grand on the day that she would be married, and so she set up a website and a Facebook page to invite him to walk her down the aisle at the wedding. The website stated, “In Branka’s mind, the wedding gods have come together because JBJ is performing at MGM Grand that same night. The only problem is there’s a real chance Branka will skip out on the wedding and go to the concert instead. Gonz has waited 14 years for this day, and if Branka skips it, he’ll have to wait another 14. Bon Jovi … we’re begging you … make this wedding happen. There is plenty of time in the afternoon for you to come and walk her down the aisle before the show.” Kylie (no last name given) commented on the webpage, “I remember Branka belting out the Bon Jovi tunes on our school’s ‘grandstand’ when she was in her senior year at high school. I also remember wondering how a girl with such an obsession for JBJ will ever manage to meet and marry another man. I finally thought it was happening for her, and that in time she had moved on but now, I am not so convinced. This is just way too risky! It is going to be so terribly hard for Branka to marry Gonz with such a powerful temptation just around the corner. Please, Bon Jovi, you must make this happen, you must help her get to the altar.” Mr. Bon Jovi accepted the invitation, and he walked Branka down the aisle. Interestingly, in 1989 he himself had been married in the same wedding chapel. After the wedding, Mr. Bon Jovi tweeted, “May you & Gonzalo have a lifetime of happiness, love & memories together — ALWAYS!” The new Mrs. Cladera tweeted back the day after the wedding: “Thanks, Jon. You’re an amazing human being for taking the time with us. See you in Sydney.”

Salute, mente e corpo
20 ottobre
David Bruce

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