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My journey into Bodybuilding started at age 16. My older brother had a barbell set in the back yard and I used to play around with it. I was naturally strong and often lifted heavier weights than some of the adults. I felt a change inside of me. It was something special but I couldn`t quite understand what it was. I started to get admiration from different folks. I bumped into a buddy of mine I hadn`t seen in 2-3- years. He almost fell over when he saw me. He couldn`t believe the changes I had made in my body. My Mom would always say you look huge walking down the street but she was always my biggest fan.

I joined different gyms and still didn`t fully understand the depth and commitment required to become a professional. But I trained hard and finally decided it was time to start competing. I placed 4th in my 1st competition and 3rd in my next competition. I placed 2nd in my following competition but to my surprise a number of other competitors and some of the audience said I should have won that competition. I entered a weight lifting competition and placed 2nd even though I lifted the heavier weights. But it is based on your body weight so I gave it my best shot. I started traveling and training overseas in many different countries. I`ve gone from experience to experience training and also encouraging others to train. I believe I was a good Ambassador for Bodybuilding and still am.

So this book is not a generic style book which almost all Bodybuilders publish. It’s about the Mind Set and how to focus your mind on the job at hand and to overcome distractions. Sometimes you feel a rush heading to the gym and sometime you feel flat. Why? Nothing has changed except your Mind Set. So I wanted to give a different perspective to the reader and hopefully this will encourage them to join a gym and start the journey.

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Alan Thomas

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