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You can be more productive, healthier, and happier… longer!
Living a long life isn’t about measuring the number of years lived but how we live them. Jonny Bowden’s and Dr. Beth Traylor’s recommendations will keep you strong, healthy, energetic, and active so you can get the most out of each day and do the things you always dreamed of every decade of your life. These methods, all backed by the latest research and scientific studies, are easy, yet work anti-aging miracles. There’s no better time to start than now.
The Most Effective Ways to Live Longer provides a roadmap to a longer, healthier life, advocating key strategies for the food we should eat, the supplements we should take, and the lifestyle adjustments we should make that will help keep us going stronger longer. With these strategies, you can win the battle against aging.
You’ll learn how to:
- Combat oxidative damage caused by free radicals from the environment and your own body, wearing you down from the inside out.
- Fight inflammation, the “silent killer” that is a factor in just about every degenerative disease
- Avoid glycation, a process that is implicated in many of the diseases of aging
- Reduce stress, which can cause more damage to your overall wellbeing than you think.
More and more studies are proving that we can strongly influence how long and how well we live. This fully revised and updated edition offers the smartest program for living a longer, healthier, better life.

Salute, mente e corpo
26 marzo
Fair Winds Press

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