The Nose Sees All

Spunky Murder Mystery Third Book, no. 2

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The Nose Sees All: A Spunky Murder Mystery, is the second book in this delightful series that’s drawing attention to what may be developing as a new “dog drama” genre.
In the first book, - The Nose Knows, - we were introduced to this band of wonderful characters who showed us they have unique ways of getting to the bottom of a mystery. In book three, they actually found that they needed - An Army of Noses!
Here in this second installment, once again, Spunky narrates this tale of love, mystery and crime. She is as sassy, classy, and smart as ever – perhaps you didn’t know - Spunky is a very special twelve-year-old-terrier mutt. She lives with her human, Dr. Hannah Richards, a psychologist who is trying to build a new life for herself after a scary trauma and personal loss.
They share their home and their lives with the four grand tomcats – Fearless, Bobby, Sweetie, and Fancy-Pants. All the animals—whenever they deem necessary— poke their noses into Dr. Richards counseling sessions. One wintry day, when Fearless and Spunky accompany Dr. Richards to Lakeland Nursing Home, Spunky meets a patient, Mr. Kenneth Boyd. They quickly form a very unusual and special attachment to each other. When Spunky befriends Kenneth, she learns of his plan to kill himself. However, before he can carry out his plan, Kenneth has a stroke. He survives, but is unable to speak. A week later, without warning, Kenneth is dead. When the police find a suicide note and hidden pills, it is obvious to all the humans that Kenneth killed himself.
But Spunky knows this was no suicide. Kenneth was murdered.
Now she and her feline cohorts must discover who killed Kenneth and get the humans to pay attention. Not an easy assignment, although the fact that their Mom is dating a local police officer—Detective Finley—might be a blessing—unless he insists upon them following the rules.
We quickly learn this wise canine detective writes her own rules, and what about her associates?—they’re cats— we all know - they never follow anyone’s rules.
The Nose Sees All is an enchanting cozy mystery combining suspense, friendship, humor, and romance.
In the end, you too may see life from a different perspective.
"The Nose …combines the suspense of the Rita Mae Brown series with the charm for all ages of Wind and the Willows and Charlotte's Web. It’s a great read." - —Linda Cashdan, The Word Process. —
“Mystery, romance, and animal antics: if that sounds like an appealing list, you'll love this.”
—The BookPlex—

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12 agosto
Holly L. Lewitas

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