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What is history's biggest lie? It's that there's one "God", that he Created the universe out of nothing and made Adam from the dirt of the Garden of Eden, with Eve then being generated from one of Adam's ribs! Nothing has done more damage to the human psyche than monotheism - the doctrine of an all-powerful "Spy God" who watches what everyone does (the divine peeping Tom) and sentences to perpetual pain in his cosmic torture chamber of hell anyone who doesn't slavishly worship and obey him .

In fact, the universe is a mathematical "God factory" and creates infinite Gods over eons of time, via the optimization of the cosmic equation (the universal wavefunction), which is entirely mathematical.

The universe, via dialectical ontological mathematics, is converging on the perfect answer to everything. This condition is known as the Absolute or the Omega Point.

The universe travels, mathematically, from Alpha to Omega, from perfect potential to perfect actualization. Even now, on this Earth, people are transforming into Gods.

The ancient and controversial secret society known as the Illuminati has, for thousands of years, waged a war against Abrahamic monotheism and promoted the doctrine of "becoming God". No matter who you are, you can attain divinity if you get off your knees and stop mindlessly and slavishly worshiping a non-existent "Creator".

Mathematics is the Philosopher's Stone that can transmute base metal (ordinary humans) into gold (Gods). You too can attain your own divine Omega Point, and complete your cosmic journey - across countless reincarnations - from alpha to omega.

Are you ready to become an Omega Human?

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Mike Hockney

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