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When Leonora Hodge decided to go to the mall, she first when to the local shops. When she turned to look for a cab, she missed a step, and fell. A young man, helped her up, and he was given twenty dollars for his help. As a cab stopped, and Mrs.Hodge entered, she dropped her purple silk jacket. The young man,Errol Lance picked it up, and screamed out to the taxi. When the cab didn't stop, he let the jacket fall down to the ground. The cab driver when realizing he had the wealthy Mrs. Hodge in the cab, he locked all doors and drove to his friend Pedro Rodriquez. Pedro I found our golden goose, he shouted to Pedro. Well Stan what have you got? I have the rich bitch Hodge locked in the cab. Can we keep her in here? Yeah Stan, no problems. My office has a bed, and a bathroom. A concerned citizen had found the Jacket, and called the police. They sent the jacket to their lab, and after some time they found out that the jacket belonged to Mrs. Hodge. However, some extra finger prints belonged to a Errol Lance. He was picked up, and after a full days questioning, the police believed him and contacted the cab company. The driver Stan Jones had had some trouble with the law before, so he was picked up. It took another day of constant questioning before he said that they had taken Mrs. Hodge to get some money from her wealthy husband. As the police drove down to Pedro's place, he pulled out a gun, and was killed by the police, and Mrs. Hodge was allowed to be taken home. Pedro's brother Jose asked some of his friends to vengeance his brother. Two agreed, so together with Bill and Ralph they decided to hit the police hard. However, Bill had a better idea, and shot both Jose and Ralph. Then he went to get some money from the rich Hodge's.
He was of course taken, and finished up ni jail.

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6 ottobre
Bo Widerberg

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