The People Part The People Part

The People Part

Seven Agreements Entrepreneurs and Leaders Make to Build Teams, Accelerate Growth, and Banish Burnout for Good

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In the spirit of The One Thing and Start with Why, this guide provides the "missing link" for entrepreneurs to generate fast, sustainable growth, get out of the weeds, and build their A-teams from the inside out.

Success in business today means responding to change at an ever-increasing pace—due to factors such as competition, evolving technology, and increasing client expectations. Delivering more value with fewer resources is the name of the game. However, in this environment, even when a business is winning, the leaders and teams playing the game often feel like they are losing—plagued by overwhelm and burnout.
Most business books try to address this problem with systems, structures, and values. What’s missing? The “People Part”—the often-misunderstood area of a business where leaders and team members do the actual thinking, interacting, and performing together. Drawing on Annie’s 30 years of working with humans in business, this dynamic and engaging book outlines seven easy-to-implement agreements to build  a high-performance team.
You’ll learn how to:
Lead in a way that supports others to perform at their best, by strengthening your own Self-LeadershipGenerate a leadership reputation where the best A Players seek to work with you, and stay for the long termCreate psychological safety—the environment that empowers team members to collaborate at the highest levelsDevelop leaders and team members to take on responsibilities with the same commitment level as the ownersSupercharge your team productivity with Annie’s signature toolsPut the seven agreements to work and see improvements right away 
If you’re an entrepreneur just starting out . . . a CEO trying to get out of the weeds to work “on” rather than “in” your business . . . a leader who needs a breakthrough for themselves and their team . . . or a team member wanting to make your best contribution yet . . . then The People Part is for you.

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