THE POCKET BOOK OF TRUTH: Daily Thoughts to Help Guide Us along our Spiritual Path of Reawakening in God THE POCKET BOOK OF TRUTH: Daily Thoughts to Help Guide Us along our Spiritual Path of Reawakening in God

THE POCKET BOOK OF TRUTH: Daily Thoughts to Help Guide Us along our Spiritual Path of Reawakening in God

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The Pocket Book of Truth came forth in its own way, in its own time. When I began my spiritual path years ago, I had no idea that these new to me teachings would turn out to be such a powerful presence in my everyday life. Eventually, I understood that the thoughts and beliefs being presented to me, and at times experienced by me, would become this very book.

This spiritual thought book began as a desire to fill a need for myself. At the age of fifty, for the first time in my adult life, I began a more spiritually oriented path. As I explored and began a new to me way of thinking about our existence and experiences in this lifetime, I felt that I needed something to help me stay more in tune spiritually; to help me stay more spiritually focused. The Pocket Book of Truth came about naturally as the answer.

At the start of my new path, I began attending Unity of Savannah. Through Unity, I learned about a self-study spiritual guidebook know as A Course in Miracles. Often referred to as “The Course,” A Course in Miracles was inner-dictated to Dr. Helen Schucman, who heard the Voice of Jesus, over an approximately seven-year period. The Course, not a religion, emphasizes application and experience rather than theory and theology. Also, as I began to explore spirituality, I received a book written by spiritual teacher Gary R. Renard. Gary’s book, The Disappearance of the Universe, had an immediate and profound life-changing impact on my spiritual beliefs. DOU, as it is often called, was a great introduction for me in understanding what A Course in Miracles and true forgiveness is all about. Almost immediately, I found myself starting a daily routine that revolved around The Course. This included a first thing in the morning practice of reading The Course for twenty minutes or so, along with learning how to meditate. It was during this period that I made a conscious decision to put God first, which changed everything in my life experiences. The everyday practice of studying The Course intently and regularly with focused determination to experience truth eventually led me to starting and completing The Course workbook, which is a lesson a day for one year. The only rule in The Course is to not do more than one workbook lesson a day. Conversely, one may take as long as necessary to complete a lesson. The workbook took me three- and one-half years to finish, but I did complete the workbook with spiritual experiences along the way. The idea of the workbook is ultimately to experience the truth of what you already are, where you already are, and where you will always be, regardless of the seemingly real experiences in this worldly lifetime.

In the initial weeks of this focused study, I began writing down thoughts and ideas that resonated with me. I personalized many of these ideas, simply changing them into a first-person format for myself. I taped these statements into one of those ever-available little pocket-sized calendar books and began keeping these thoughts with me. In this manner, I was able to have these truth thoughts available most all the time. Whenever I had a few minutes or more, for whatever reason, including any waiting type of situation that came along, or just having quiet time, I used the opportunity as a chance to study and contemplate spiritual thoughts and ideas. Over time, many of the statements evolved, and many came and went. Many thoughts stayed in this writing from the very beginning. So, I offer the Pocket Book of Truth as an assist along the way to awakening to who and what you already are, as a way to point towards truth.

With love and blessings,

Marty Fall

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