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The fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral was no accident. French officials know the truth: the fire started when terrorists were trying to steal The Crown of Thorns. For hundreds of years, the remnants of the Crown of Thorns were hiding in plain sight at Notre Dame. The Kings of France broke the Crown into pieces and handed thorns out as gifts to the wealthy and powerful families of Europe. Now a terror group seeks to gather the thorns scattered across the continent, and rebuild the crown. Like the Lost Ark or the Holy Grail, some believe the Crown of Thorns would have unimaginable power if the thorns were reunited.
To gather the thorns, the terror group will need to break into the most heavily guarded universities, museums, and palaces across Europe. The only thing stopping them is Dr. Neil Copeland, a grieving optometrist from Oceanside, California traveling the world to forget the loss of his beloved wife. He absent-mindedly stumbles into the biggest terror investigation since 9/11 and takes possession of the most important section of the missing thorns. He will risk everything to protect the thorns, but are they even real? Danger follows Dr. Copeland across three continents and six countries before he returns home to California believing he will be safe. When miracles begin happening all around him, he is labeled a fake and a fraud. After confronting terror in his hometown, Dr. Copeland learns that even heroes struggle with faith and doubt.

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March 23
Michael Masters

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