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The Road to Qua ~ Qua Farm is an inspirational story of a young couple living on a hippie commune in the early 1970's. Together with a small band of Hippies from Boston, they moved to the back woods of Nova Scotia.

The Old Weagle Farm was over one-hundred years old, run down, and in need of major repair; but the ideal place to live communally in a healthy environment, free from the norms, and values of society. They would learn to live off the land, and barter for things they could not provide for themselves. Daily living was pushed to the limits with the absence of electricity, indoor plumbing, and central heating. Determined to break tradition, their journey led them to this place, and they were determined to find out why!

Their Quest was spiritual in nature, as they discovered the dusty road leading to the farm was just the beginning of a journey to awaken their souls, and satisfy the emptiness within their hearts. It would be a quest toward the King and His Kingdom!

Striving for a life filled with material possessions, power, and pleasure, still touches generations today. Through personal experience, and circumstances beyond their control, they began to realize this pursuit was empty, and meaningless, leaving an unquenchable thirst that could not be satisfied. Compelled to search for the true meaning of their existence, their lives, attitudes, and characters were transformed along the Road to Qua ~ Qua Farm.

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21 luglio

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