The Self-Esteem Handbook: How to Boost Your Self-Esteem and Heal Your Mind, Body, and Soul

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Attaining a high degree of Self-Esteem/Love is not usually the number one priority of recovering people and most others who are looking to improve the way they function in the outside world and feel in their inside one. It is also usually not very high on the list of priorities for rehab programs. It is the almost invisible giant that is the root cause and driving force behind most addictive behavior and other behavioral and emotional problems. High self-esteem/love is the solid foundation that all other personal development has to be built on for the achievements to be long-lasting. Without a high degree of self-esteem, recovery from addictions will eventually fail or at the least, will be switched to another addiction or obsession. This eBook will show you practical steps to developing self-esteem/love. It will also explain what it is and how to build it to a point where it will assist you to win in life. Self-esteem/love is very different from self-confidence. For most people, the two concepts are used synonymously and even sometimes hyphenated as in, self-esteem/self-confidence. I used to think that until I started really exploring the subject. I discovered that they are very different, are both important and need very different techniques and tools to master them. Some working definitions: Self-confidence is one's evaluation of how well one can do things, how well they can perform.Whereas Self-esteem/love is one's evaluation of one's being. How much one likes, loves, cherishes and accepts themselves, AS IS. It is possible to have high self-confidence and have little or no self-esteem/love, which can be a source of confusion and frustration to high achievers and performers who do not understand why they can produce at such a high level and still feel like a fraud inside. That dichotomy can cause enough pain that they adopt addictions and sometimes suicide to cope with it. So boosting your self-esteem/love is the way to become a fully healed and integrated human being. People often come at the idea backwards, because the confuse self-confidence, how one evaluates the ability to do things, with self-esteem, how one evaluates one's being or internal love. They use confident people as role models and think that by copying the way those people act, walk, dress and talk, they will build their esteem. Actually, doing all of that will boost their self-confidence though it will have little effect on esteem which can only come by changing inside thinking. Fundamentally, all radical change begins from within. They can actually do damage to an already frail self-esteem by comparing the self-confident appearing outsides of others with their own inside feelings. That comparison is always a losing proposition. NOTE: included with this eBook is a 30% discount offer for the authors "Building Self-Esteem" self-hypnosis program. 

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16 luglio
Jason Wittman

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