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“My name is Árgoht Grandël and I come from Meledel. Do not call me a sorcerer. What I do has no name and should not be labeled. I do not accept vassalage, nor do I prostrate myself before any man or woman. I do my work quickly and honestly. When I fulfill my assignment, I collect my payment and you will not see me again. Ever. Once I am finished, I do not want thanks. With the payment we will be even, and no debts will remain between us. This is me and these are my conditions.”

A shadow has littered the quiet village of Pranthas with corpses. King Yurt decides to resort to the services of the controversial sorcerer Árgoht Grandël to discover and eradicate that which has left that part of his kingdom deserted. But what the magician is going to find in Pranthas is very different from what was expected and, without wishing it, he is involved in an adventure that will affect even his Destiny. Thanks to his abilities and helped by unexpected companions, he will have to unveil the cloak of shadows and lies that seems to surround the kingdom of Ereth.

First adventure of the sorcerer Árgoht Grandël, whose search for Destiny continues in "The curse of Hilena", "The black earth, The path of destiny, book 1" and "Paladin, The path of destiny, book 2".

Fantascienza e fantasy
14 maggio
Babelcube Inc.

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