The Smith Couple’s Erotica 14 Short Story Compilation

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14 Volumes Erotica Contents:

Book 1 The Ranch: A Couple's First Time Swinging

A couple's first time to swing, set in at a nude ranch-stile resort where they meet a sexy bartender and things heat up as the lights go down! The couple was looking forward to the special ranch resort that offered naked hiking, a pool, hot tub, and was also known as a swingers resort. Their first time there was a mind-blowing sexual escapade that crossed all their boundaries, including girl/girl sex, multiple penetrations, voyeur sex, light bondage and anal play. 8,847 words of erotica, uniquely written by The Smith Couple!

Book 2 The Malibu House: A Couples First Time with Bondage

The couple is met at the airport by a hot blonde that takes them on a horny limo ride, and that was just the start of their kinky weekend as they are introduced to bondage for the first time! As the night cools down the sex heats up as this kinky couple has a dungeon in their basement. With wife swapping, threesomes, foursomes and then an orgy, this story is not for the faint-hearted, with full on XXX sex acts to please everyone. 13,216 words and way to hot for regular bookstores! Erotica as only The Smith Couple can write.

Book 3 The Cruise: A Couple’s First Time Wife Swapping

The couple thought they were taking a normal cruise to get away, little did they know the couple they would be sharing a balcony with would share far more. The couple venture into wife swapping, then very hot and kinky foursome swingers sex.. Food sex, masturbation, double penetration and girl/girl sex are all packed into this sizzling 5,124 words uniquely written by The Smith Couple!

Book 4 The Birthday Present - A couple’s first time with another man

A very horny and kinky wife wants to give her husband a birthday night present he will not forget. So she hires a masseur, and makes her husband watch as the massage turns into something completely unexpected for them both. The Birthday Present is a very kinky and steamy threesome sex story 3,788 words uniquely written by The Smith Couple!

Book 5 The Invitation - A couple’s visit to the Playboy Mansion

The couple receive a mysterious party invitation for an undisclosed LA location. The invitation said to dress sexy with the least on the better. After meeting another young hot LA couple to serve as their tour guides, they end up in the Grotto and 'Playroom' with two bunnies, making for a very kinky six-some orgy only the Mansion can host! Rated XXX with lots of kinky sex, MFM, FF, FFMF and every other combo possible. 7,600 words written by The Smith Couple!

Book 6 The BVI Charter – A Couples First Time on a Swinging Boat

Set in the tropics, join our couple as they experience a threesome with the wife's hot girlfriend, all the while tropical breezes blow across their hard sexy bodies. Just when you thought it could not get hotter, they are joined by another couple and have five-some orgy sex on the boat deck and down below. This story includes a sexy naked scuba dive and underwater sex! 9,778 words uniquely written by The Smith Couple!

Book 7 The Big Surprise: A Couples First Time with a Transgendered

The couple was having drinks at their local bar when a hot blonde is attracted to the two them. They retreat to a dark booth and proceed to do shots off various body parts, in front of other people. A big-breasted bartender sees the scene, is titillated and joins the party when it moves to a nearby apartment. The night heats up as the lights go down and one of the women reveals she has a big surprise. Sex is XXX, multiple partners, anal, blowjob and multiple penetrations. 5,561 Words of erotica as only the Smith couple can write! Too hot for bookstores!

Book 8 The Wine Bar: A Couple's First Time Orgy

A couple is enjoying their favorite date night at their usual hotel wine bar when another couple and single hot guy approach them to come to their Hotel suite for their first orgy experience. Multiple partners, kinky sex acts, girl/girl sex, orgies and more orgasms than can be counted are all in this sexy story. 11,204 words uniquely written by The Smith Couple!

Book 9 The Key Party: A Couple's First Time at a Naked House Party

The couple accepted their kinky neighbor’s invitation and soon met others and had many first sexual experiences. Wife swapping, orgy, golden showers, multiple partners and multiple penetrations, public sex, unique toys, pegging and to many orgasms to count in one short story, erotica, as only the Smith Couple can write. This XXX rated story is 11,575 words in length. 

Book 10 The Hermaphrodite, A Couples First Time Experience

The Couple explore the kinky world of a Hermaphrodite, with another woman. By a chance encounter at a beachside bar, the couple meets a charming blonde that invites them to her nearby apartment where things are revealed about the hot woman as she has an extra male part! The couple returned the next night where a very hot barmaid comes onto the husband, and with the wife's blessing, has an encounter behind the bar while the wife chats with her sweet new friend. After a very steamy sex scene at the bar, they all four go back to the Hermaphrodite's apartment. The foursome quickly turns kinky in this beachfront Mexican erotic short story, only The Smith Couple can write. A sizzling 7,188 words of erotica. This is a PDF ebook.

Book 11 The Nude Beach, A Couples First Time

The couple was looking forward to their first nude beach experience on vacation. They got far more than expected once they met a young hot tan couple and things heated up as the sun went down! They found they loved to soft swap with the couple after being caught in the rain on the beach. One thing led to another and they ended up full swapping the night before they left to go home. XXX Erotic action, 10,160 words of explicit erotic action.

Book 12 The Date Night

The evening started like their typical Friday night, wine at a local hotel, but things took a strange turn when some anonymous couple starts sending them drinks through the night. The couple finally reveals themselves and offers a very kinky proposal that ends in the couple splitting and swinging not only in separate rooms, but separate apartments! This story is very kinky, has public sex, golden shower sex, threesome and more! Over 8,000 words of explicit erotica only The Smith Couple can write!

Book 13 The Poker Night

The husband has some friends over for his poker night when the wife returns from a party tipsy and horny. Poker is the last thing on everyone’s mind as the kinky wife wants to take five guys at the same time. Her husband enjoys the show, to his wife’s major excitement. Everyone wins in this super kinky poker night where the wife is the willing recipient of five horny guys. Erotica only the Smith Couple can write. 6,510 words, 8 chapters of explicit erotica!

Book 14 The Nude City

A couple has finally left on a long awaited erotic vacation to France’s Nude City; Cap d’ Age. On the flight over, things heat up as they meet a hot blonde flight attendant that asks to join them for their sexy nude holiday. The setting is a romantic beachside villa on the Mediterranean sea, as they all explore each other and their sexual boundaries with another threesome they meet in the city! Erotica as only The Smith Couple can write, over 10,000 words in this sexy XXX short story!

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The Smith Couple

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