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From a small vegetable store to a corporation!

"What makes us standup now is not instant comfort, but 'passionate spirit of a young gentleman!'"

This book help you overcome troubles of today and ignite inner fire of passion deep in your heart.

The things of secret was happening in The Bachelor's vegetable store!

The story of this secret begins the story of a young man from a small shop and this young man with a passion, has created a large corporate. 

We should have a dream which we wouldn't give up at midway. Then, challenge our dream. It is ok to fail. We have to just move forward. Let's learn about how to make that with THE BRILIANT BACHELOR'S SPIRIT.

"What would be conditions of an ideal job? 

I believe there are three conditions. 

First, it has to be suitable your aptitude and talent.

Second, it has to be the one you can enjoy.

Third, it has to be possible to make a sufficient income.

These conditions may seem too general, but when you think about it, there are not that many people have jobs in compliance with conditions."

This success story was happening in Korea and will occur in worldwide.

*Table of Contents


1. Secret for the start small, win big

2. Young Gentleman, Run toward the Infinity

3. Energy for the Success, 'Bachelor's Spirit'

4. Everything about 'Everything about Nature Co,.Ltd'

5. 'Special Service ' Luring Customers'

6. "My dream, My challenge" Stories of Young Bachelors

You, Are you now dreaming of the young?

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