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Set at the end of the 1800s, "The Train Is Never Late" follows young Annalise as she runs away from home to avoid an impending marriage to a man she's never met. Free from her overbearing parents for the first time in her life, she finds herself at the train tracks about to make the first and largest decision of her life.

"Stockholm," tells the story of a college kid with everything he could ever ask for in life. Except for the approval of his police chief father, that is. Going undercover with a rising new gang based at his campus, securing evidence to take them down, while also keeping his girlfriend separate from the investigation is a level of juggling Devin is unused to. With tensions rising and alliances being tested, he soon learns that he isn't entirely trusted by either side.

They say people don't quit jobs. They quit the boss. In "In Wine and Blood," Georgia Cameron is just looking for a fresh start in a new town with her cat Dahlia. When her pushy boss goes too far, she loads her car and begins working from home. As two cops knock on her door with news that her boss is missing, her timeline is moved up, and her wellbeing is pulled into question.

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26 ottobre
Ashley Andrews

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