The Truth About SEO - Search Engine Optimization In 2015 The Truth About SEO - Search Engine Optimization In 2015

The Truth About SEO - Search Engine Optimization In 2015

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Maximize Your Exposure On The Internet And Attract Your Perfect Customers With Traffic Driving Secrets “They” Don’t Want You To Know About.

The State of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) In 2015

These are dangerous and confusing times for website owners looking to get more traffic from Google.  The rules of the game have changed.  What used to work well, doesn’t work at all anymore.  In fact, by following outdated SEO strategies and tactics, you might destroy your traffic and your business.

From the threat of being Banned by Google, becoming INVISIBLE to your customers overnight, losing all of your traffic and getting pummeled by Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird and whatever animal Google throws at you next…

Today, there is massive confusion and multiple buzzwords being thrown around by a confused marketing industry – words like “Content Marketing” and promises that “SEO is dead” find their ways into the headlines on a daily basis.  Make no mistake – the danger of losing your hard won traffic and access to valuable website visitors is real, and it isn’t going away.

The threat is real, immediate, and profound – and in this report we’re going to talk about the unknown GAMBLE and Risk involved when operating in today’s modern SEO environment.  If you’ve been using outdated SEO tactics, you’ve likely noticed a massive drop in your website traffic.

My bold promise to you:  By investing just a few short minutes in reading this valuable book, you’ll discover multiple, proven step by step strategies that you can apply… and see positive results in your website traffic virtually overnight.

You will also discover one specific strategy that you can use exactly as I describe it to you. It’s likely something you’ve NEVER heard of before. And I guarantee you that in 27 days or less, you can use it to get highly qualified leads flowing to your website – leading to additional sales.

We’re going to talk about how you can avoid losing all of your website traffic – and what to do if you have been slapped or banned by Google and you’re seeing a huge dip in traffic.

We’re going to talk about the specifics of what you need to know to cut through the confusion and misinformation, ensuring you don’t lose your business you’ve worked so hard for.

Additionally, I'll show you how it is still possible to achieve a number one ranking on Google’s search engine results, where your customers are looking for you right now.  However, it’s not how it used to be, the game has truly changed forever…and we'll go over the new rules of the game.

Read this book and you’ll discover:

- How to avoid four common Search Engine Optimization myths that are hurting your ranking if you believe them.

- 8 costly misconceptions about using SEO to drive traffic to your website.

- From SEO to Content Marketing - a guide to the trends, buzzwords, and confusion that's keeping you invisible to your customers.

- Which organic traffic driving methods work best - now, and in the future (including how to increase your website traffic and avoid being negatively affected by Panda, Penguin & Hummingbird updates while your competitors are scrambling to keep up).

- The 7 deadly secrets about the SEO and Content Marketing industry.

- 8 mistakes to avoid when choosing an SEO consultant.

- 4 steps to ranking higher on Google.

This guide was written to help you better understand the current environment of Search Engine Optimization.  Now, with this information you can make informed, intelligent decisions about your SEO in 2015 and beyond.

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