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This collection of essays documents and investigates the conflicts in Europe, Russia and China that sparked populist revolts against the established globalist order in the European Union. It shows that the populist surge was not an anomaly. It was a reflection of the internal contradictions of globalism that sparked nationalist resentment inside the EU, and backlashes against Western "soft power" aspirations in Russia and China. The idealist rhetoric of the globalist dream was persuasive. It lulled many into believing that the movement should not, and could not be stopped until the 2008 global financial crisis started the dream to unwind. The essays in this volume show that globalism is not dead, but will have to reinvent itself to revive.

Contents: About the AuthorsAcknowledgementsIntroduction (Steven Rosefielde)Western Secular Stagnation and Social Strife:Overreach and Discord (Steven Rosefielde)Europhoria (Bruno Dallago)European Union after Brexit (Steven Rosefielde) Balkans (Yoji Koyama)Immigrants, Xenophobia, and Terroism (Kumiko Haba)Russia:Great Power Resurgence (Steven Rosefielde)Military Industrial Potential (Masaaki Kuboniwa)Macroeconomic Challenges (Torbjörn Becker)Sanctions (Iikka Korhonen)Finance (Victor Gorshkov)Industry and Transport (Olga Bobrova)Innovation (Anna Kovaleva)China:Rising Red Star (Steven Rosefielde)Belt and Road Strategy (Zhikai Wang)Public–Private Partnerships (Yiyi Liu)Housing (Wenting Ma)Budget Cycles (Pi-Han Tsai)Asian Power Shift (Kumiko Haba and Steven Rosefielde)Conclusion (Steven Rosefielde)
Readership: Academics, policymakers, professionals, graduate and undergraduate students insterested in populist revolts against the globalization, new trends of international economics and political economy.
Keywords:Globalism;Globalization;Populism;European Union;Russia;China;Secular Economic Stagnation;Political Disintegration;Cold War;Economic SanctionsReview:Key Features:Documents the unraveling of globalizationShows why the globalist dream triggered the populist revolt that catapulted Donald Trump into the White HouseExplains why and how globalism must be reinvented to cope with insurgent populism

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