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THIRD EYE AWAKENING: “Spiritual Awakening - How To Open Your Third Eye, cleanse Your Pineal Gland and Awaken Your Spirit"

Learn how you can awaken your Third Eye when you have a healed Pineal Gland. The Pineal Gland is responsible for the production of its DMT (Dimethyltryptamine). Dimethyltryptamine are known for their psychoactive characteristics. Dimethyltryptamine has been used since the traditional eras in ceremonies and household more so around the South America where they consumed it from the Ayahuasca brew. The DMT produced by an awakened pineal gland is similar to this DMT that is found in Ayahuasca. Both have psychoactive features.
This book gives you the opportunity to start your journey of spiritual awakening. First, you will be equipped with knowledge on how DMT influence your body and its importance. That is not all; the guide goes a further step to assist you in decalcifying your pineal gland. Pineal glands that have undergone decalcification are always awake and thus lead to the awakening of the third eye. With this book, you will learn the techniques and knowledge that will equip you with an understanding of the awakened pineal gland powers. Third eyes that are awakened give us psychic abilities that are very remarkable. You will discover a lot of potential that are lying within you and the universe. This book has expounded much about the third eye chakra and its relation to the pineal gland. Valid techniques that can be used to activate the third eye have also been provided. Aside from that, I have also provided you with some of the health exercises and dietary that you should adopt during the process and also in your lifetime. NOTE: The exercises do not alter your normal diets at all cost. They are just supplements and additives that you should use to improve your awareness and awaken you spiritually. With the content on this book, you will be able to perceive your surrounding in a manner that is supernatural. You will have more vivid dreams and thus giving you a chance to have lucid dreams. You will also have a great control of your emotions and mind. Remember that you cannot adopt all these in a single day. You will need to practice consistently and wit sacrifice and commitment.
Here is A Preview of what you´ll learn from "The DMT Spirit Guide":
    •    What is Dimethyltryptamine and how it is produced in the pineal gland?
    •    What are the third eye and its relation to the pineal gland?
    •    Benefits of awakening the third eye
    •    How to decalcify your pineal gland
    •    Ways of connecting to the spiritual realms
    •    How to avoid calcification of the pineal gland and a lot more to expect in the book!

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