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The author of Warren William Charles Freeman author of Imaginations Abyss and Rollin Free: A Story Told Through Poetry is releasing a NEW book for Halloween. First the author wants to let you that if your expecting a book in line with Jason Chucky Freddy or IT he regrettably must disappoint
This is Warren W. C. Freemans first SOLO book effort, though the first section was written with Karen Freeman.
What inspired Warren W. C. Freeman to write this book was Halloween display that existed in the early 2000s. But also the authors love of Wizard Of OZ and Neverending Story
This book is in line with what the author describes as a light boo. It is more in line with what you would find at Disneyland. This Halloween novel is more of a fun Halloween book. Know as you go in this book that it is filled with monsters, but the book is more in the spirit (pun intended) with Wizard of Oz and Neverending Story with a touch of Narnia.

The book is about some children and two adults who are celebrating Halloween in a suburb and are taken from there to cursed land that once was a paradise. To get back to where they came from and to release those trapped in the curse, they must take the land and lift the curse. In addition, they have the power associated with the costumes.

Fiction e letteratura
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