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Just because you're broke doesn't mean you're poor...

Decorating for Christmas gives Andromeda more satisfaction than just about anything in her life, which makes working at one of the most exclusive hotels in Miami, Florida even better. Management always goes all out on the decorating, and even though she can't participate in the actual hanging of the decorations, watching it all come together is simply magical. Which is why she's puzzled the penthouse suite isn't being decked out.

Just because you're a billionaire doesn't mean you're rich...

Gabriel could take or leave Christmas. He doesn't normally go for all the commercialized decorations, but when a little maid captures his attention with her simple joy in the celebration of the holidays, he knows he's all in on the Christmas biz. He makes her a deal. He'll pay her ten million dollars if she'll show him the joy of the holidays. After a false start or two, Andromeda finally agrees, but it doesn't take long for Gabe to realize he has no intention of letting the curvy little Christmas addict go once her service is done.

Twelve Days of Christmas, and a few red diamonds later...

Determined to immerse Andromeda in his world, Gabriel pulls out all the tinsel money can buy. Not only does he treat her to days and nights at the exclusive Setai and his private yacht, but he lets her invade his personal space at his New York condo. After all that, surely the lovely Andromeda will fall for him. The one thing Gabe has always hated was that women were always after his money. Now, all the money in the world can't seem to buy Andromeda's heart. And he only has twelve days to figure out what will.

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8 dicembre
Changeling Press LLC

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