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At the turn of the next century, corporations embark on costly endeavors in a land-rush to declare resource-rich planets as their own. Some missions will require 10 years or more. Many of the people who join such missions exist on the fringe of society or are fed up with their earthly existence. One such highly skilled, yet disillusioned crew embarks on a deep-space mission to claim an earth-like planet in the Chi Draconis system for Chaste Holdings. Ostensibly, most of the crew has joined the mission for money, but each carries their own secrets with them into space. The ship, the U.S.S. Humanity, is large and luxurious compared to its tiny crew. In the depths of space, each will end up fighting for personal ideals and survival in the lawlessness of space.

Humanity is a tightly woven tale in which each character is bound to the other in ways they don’t yet realize. Each one has sacrificed and suffered for that in which they believe, which, when taken together, makes them an uncompromising team. A team the eccentric owner of the ship had reasons to assemble, for the planet to which they are destined is, unbeknownst to the crew, inhabited. A crew that has learned to distrust society and expect nothing from others will fight and learn to trust again. Alone, in the emptiness of space, they will defend an exiled alien race from ruthless corporate and enemy alien fleets.

Fantascienza e fantasy
14 aprile
Nathanial Covell