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Over the past five decades there have been many unexplained UFO sightings in Australia and most other parts of the world. Many of them came under the category of ‘Encounters of a Third Kind’ where contact had been made with Aliens from another planet. Frightening and unexplained experiences have been allegedly investigated by different Government organizations with never a solution as to how, when or why. For whatever reason, the matters investigated slowly died a natural death. There was much speculation, and speculation alone at the relevant time, with not one ounce of concrete evidence to support alleged theories put forward by supposedly reputable and recognized academics throughout the world, of the planets Venus and Mars, etcetera, of shooting stars and temperature inversions being mistakenly identified as UFO’s. To the believers of UFO’s it all appeared to be tantamount to a huge cover-up that exists even to this present day and age.
However, three former Sydney University graduates and life long friends, Ben Manning, Alan Baxter and Wally Carmondy unwittingly become the catalysts behind an exposure of UFO cover-ups and myths, so successfully implemented to hide this perplexing and expensive problem by the Australian Government and other Authorities throughout the world. This is a story of a dedicated and esteemed Australian Government Investigator, who with his partner endeavour to unravel a conglomeration of indisputable information, throughout the world. Information from thousands of honourable and decent people, who came forward and reported what they had seen, only to be belittled and accused of inventing heir account of things. The graphic description of these incidents, fanned by the media in their respective countries as important news items were dramatized to such an extent that reported sightings suddenly, could no longer be ignored.
This UFO saga, written by an observer of truthful and scientific revelations emerging over past decades, contains situations that completely baffle sensible reasoning. On the fiction side of things, caught up in the intrigue and mystery is Gerald Lance Claymore, a man who led a totally different lifestyle than the three former University Students. Unfortunately for him, matters beyond his control turned him to a life of violent crime. At thirty-seven years of age, he was sentenced to fifteen years goal for a violent armed robbery. As the story unwinds, Claymore escapes from a Prison Van whilst being transported to Court on another Armed Robbery charge. By various means he makes his way to Central Queensland. It is there that the chase mysteriously terminates. Claymore is about to be recaptured West of Rockhampton in the Great Dividing Range, a mountainous range which, runs along the Hinterland of the East Coast of Australia. Police are left with a bewildering and bizarre situation, full of innuendo and supposition. How could Claymore have disappeared ‘Just like that’? The sighting by pursuing police at the material time, of a large UFO descending towards their quarry, makes thought provoking reading. Despite a major search of the area by police authorities and S.E.S. personnel, no trace of the prison escapee Claymore could be found. No doubt here are thousands of UFO buffs that would revel in the contents of this manuscript, however, let it be clearly stated right from the start, that there are portions of this tale, which are pure fiction, with a strong message to the world. For instance---the opening, Chapter One---the Beagle Bay Mission incident in Western Australia---the Tasman Sea adventure—the adventures of Manning, Baxter, Carmondy and Claymore---to name a few. Be that as it may, it is the undisputed, diligent and factual research carried out on past documentations, welding fact and fiction together, and culminating in a gripping adventure, which will, without doubt give credence to the old saying, ‘Food for thought’.

Fantascienza e fantasy
24 agosto
John Meskell

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